WORKSHOPS - Design Thinking

Design is not only a hot topic in the latest retail concepts, urban strategies, and new buildings; but the way designers think is becoming increasingly sought after by the world's leading business consultants and entrepreneurs.

Design Thinking has been the focus of new Business School programs, like the "D School" at Stanford and the Media Lab at MIT. The Harvard Business Review has dedicated entire issues to the topic. At the Museum of African Design, we see design in its infinite forms across the continent. The tech scene in Nairobi is using design to rethink global financial systems. Furniture designers in Dakar are exporting works to Europe and North America made out of scraps from commodities that were imported from the same places. South African medical companies are changing the way hospitals and doctors work. Design Thinking is at the route of some of the world's best marketing, sales, and operational strategies.

You and your team can spend a fun, but thought-provoking half or whole day in Maboneng, and get real exposure to the Design Thinking process.

1. We send every group on a walking tour of Maboneng, where participants get to see the city as a laboratory: design in action. The young entrepreneurs behind Main Street Walks and Curiocity Backpackers lead these tours, showing how design is facilitating solutions for serious challenges in our urban environment.

2. With the numerous restaurants and cafés springing up in Maboneng, your group can choose to have a meal before, after or even as a break during your workshop.

3. MOAD partners with experienced designers and educators, like the team at Firma for the class portion of the workshop. You can bring real business challenges your team is facing to use in the interactive portion of the class – or we will supply sample briefs. We make sure that the basic presentation parts of the course are balanced with interactive team-based activities.

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