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#ULTRACONTEMPORARY#EMERGENCYART#AFRICA is a unique iteration of work by the Directors of the inaugural Copenhagen Biennale (2017)–artist Thierry Geoffroy/ COLONEL and curator Tijana Miskovic. Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, the exhibit forms part of the Emergency Room family of works that has traveled to 10 countries, including MoMA PS1.

  1. From 10 to 24 June, a group of international designers and artists will create works that change every day at 2pm MOAD.
  2. The 'ultracontemporary' works are created the same day that they are exhibited. After that, a selection of the work becomes part of the Delay Museum that will be on display through 31 July.
  3. Most significantly, each work addresses or uncovers an immediate, and burning emergency.

Thierry Geoffroy/ COLONEL's medium as an artist is Format Art – a  prescribed framework for the participation of other artists as well as the inclusion of the public through debate. The formats change with every iteration depending on space, time and context.

A lively audience debate has accompanied this Format in every city it has visited. During #ULTRACONTEMPORARY#EMERGENCYART#AFRICA the artists' presentation of their work will take place every day at the same time. The audience has a chance to debate with the artists, and members of the press come to find new stories.

Visiting Artists:

The #ULTRACONTEMPORARY#EMERGENCYART#AFRICA exhibit is a collaboration between the Museum of African Design and the Copenhagen Biennale, supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.


The open call for Artists/Designers interested in participating in this exhibit is now closed.