13 May through 5 June 2016.

Told through the lens of three travelling photographers, Everyday Education shares the marvellous tales of education along the eastern corridor of Africa.

The trio, from the United States, South Africa, and Tanzania, visited 20 schools documenting learners, teachers, and leaders. Rebecca Crook, Zach Louw, and Sam Satchu aim to use visual storytelling to highlight the stories of innovative and resilient education, and to influence others to celebrate and share stories of educators in their own lives.

Through platforms such as Instagram where the trio has a massive following, they seek to become part of a broad and participatory movement to respect educators as well as challenge stereotypes. The exhibition at MOAD will feature 50 selected images, but also encourages visitors to share their own anecdotes and stories from their own education narratives. The public may add their visual stories of teachers, students, and schooling to the conversation with the hashtag #everydayeducation and by following @everydayeducation.

Photos on exhibit were taken in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, and Zanzibar. The photographers can be reached through their Instagram accounts, @stickylittleleaves, @diaryofzach, and @sam.vox.

Details on the opening event and walkabouts can be found here.