D'ZAIR: Art and Craft A Johannesburg

Running through 4 May 2016.

D'Zair Art and Craft A Johannesburg, is an unprecedented exhibition of contemporary Algerian design. The title itself, demonstrates the many cultural and geographic influences on the project. D'Zair is local Arabic slang meaning Algeria, Art and Craft is English, and À Johannesburg is French.

Hellal Zoubir, the curator of the exhibit, has been lecturing and writing about design in North Africa for over 30 years. In this exhibit, he has commissioned works by 13 key designers whose work is made in Algeria. Many of these one-off design pieces reflect Algerian designers' reliance on traditional artisans because of the lack of local prototyping manufacturing capacity. Zoubir emphasises the fact that drawing the line between craft and design, artist and designer, is not always easy – and many practitioners themselves don't choose one or the other. 

Algeria has close ties with the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern worlds, but it is unusual and unique for this exhibit to be conceptualised for South Africa. Thanks to the support of the AARC (Agence Algérienne pour le Rayonnement Culturel), this exhibition has been made possible, and for the 28 January opening all 13 designers will be in attendance.


  • Yamo
  • Ourrad Mohamed
  • Matari Jamel
  • Mammeri Leila
  • Hamiane Samir
  • Benmansour Hamida
  • Krinah Mourad
  • Idir Messaoud
  • Bekebir Amine
  • Rahli Neila
  • Issadi Said
  • Bouchouchi Walid
  • Zitouni Radia