Zeitgeist: Week of 27 March 2015 / by admin

MOAD mentioned in the FT, the Serpentine Pavilion design revealed, and African collectors gather momentum. #Zeitgeist


1. Interview: Pieter Hugo via @CoolHunting

The artist on South African identity, colonial legacy and the impact of Instagram on art



2. Africa's economic revival boosts [art] prices via The Financial Times

The latest in the FT series on the Business of African Art and Design



3. SelgasCano unveils first images of colourful 2015 Serpentine Pavilion design via @Dezeen

Spanish architects José Selgas and Lucía Cano have revealed their proposal for the 15th Serpentine Pavilion in London – a "chrysalis-like" structure made from colourful see-through plastic.



4. Ikea for Farming: Flat-pack Hen House, Worm Bin, Beehive via Makezine

Making food production available to everyone with CNC technology


5. How to Sell a (Stolen) Banksy: Chris Thompson's Art World Nightmare via The Daily Beast

The documentary How to Sell a Banksy chronicles one man’s journey to move a Banksy artwork he nicked off the streets of London.


6. Reclaiming the Streets in Johannesburg's 'Place of Light' via BBC

The Johannesburg district of Maboneng was for many decades considered too dangerous to go out in at night. But now a younger generation of clubbers are reclaiming the area.



7. The Sound of James Webb via Another Africa

An interview with James Webb and look at his iconic sound work



8. Africans turn to Local Art: Five Artists to Watch via The Wall Street Journal

Record sales at last year Joburg Art Fair and five of Africa's hottest artists