Zeitgeist: Week 30 March to 5 April 2015 / by admin

Galleries with slides, mirroring museums, and iconic renovations in this week's roundup of design and arts around the web.


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1. Teen girls in an Accra mosque learn to code via CNN

Girls in the slum of Nima, in Accra, Ghana, get a chance to learn computer programming.

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2. Another look at the Vitra Design Museum's Making Africa via Juxtapoz

The iconic art magazine takes a look at the equally important design exhibition that takes on Africa's booming changes.

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3. The Hayward Gallery via It's Nice That

In London's Hayward Gallery Carsten Holler exhibition, Decision, you can take a slide from one floor to the next.

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4. Brands tackled April Fools' Day; here's the best

Enough said... via AdWeek

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5. Africa's biggest film bienniale, FESPACO! via Okay Africa

Africa's biggest film festival is in the desert of Burkina Faso. This year, Okay Africa brings us the cliff notes.

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6. The Cape Town Jazz Festival and three pianists to watch via NPR

21 Years into "the new South Africa" brings some new talents to listen out for.

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7. Dunkerque gets a new museum that looks like an old building via Dezeen

Lacaton & Vassal design a gallery and archive that mirrors an old ship workshop.


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8. One Good Deed Today via It's Nice That

Hand-picked homeware and books in London's Hoxton neighbourhood.

10. Walker Renovations via Art News

The Walker in Minneapolis announced its plans to renovate the iconic 1971 museum building which has hosted some of the most iconic exhibitions of the last 4 decades.


Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 17.18.1910. F015 Video via Cool Hunting

The car of the future is here, and Cool Hunting goes inside; the concept Mercedez self-driving F015.