Winners of the Curate Life Collection competition! / by pascale

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Winners of the Curate Life Collection competition!

MOAD is proud to announce the winner and two runner-up winners for the Curate Life Collection competition.

The Curate Life Collection competition winner is Nthabiseng Mokoena for her proposed exhibition titled We see (in) the dark. Nthabiseng will have the whole MOAD Project Space to put up her exhibition. The two runner up winners are Erin Bosenberg for her proposed exhibition titled In Contexts / Past Dreams & Imagined Futures and Stephni Jacobson for One-night stand.

Furthermore Nthabiseng, Erin and Stephni will receive internships at the prestigious SABC Collection in 2016.

The Cate Life Collection competition is an opportunity for aspiring curators to gain valuable experience curating the Life Collection located at the 12 Decade Hotel in Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg.

To view the winning exhibition visit MOAD in August 2015.

More information on the exhibition will be shared on and on our Facebook page: Museum of African Design, which you can like and follow.


More info on the winner and two runner up winners

Nthabiseng Mokoena

Nthabiseng Mokoena - professional photo

Nthabiseng's Curatorial concept: We see (in) the dark

This exhibition provides us with an opportunity to focus on the grotesque, sinister aspects of ourselves and our society, and to gain clarity by choosing to see the darkness. This is not simply an encouragement of hopelessness and cynicism; it is a moment to gain a more holistic view of our experiences by looking into the darkness. We see (in) the dark was inspired by the concept of Buntu Fihla’s photographic exhibition “Isizathu esihle singafihla ububi”, which brings attention to the negative impact and insincere justifications of the Bantustans, which are often camouflaged by the positive, nationalist light in which they are viewed. Through the artworks selected, we can ask ourselves about the darkness in our experiences, the spaces that we occupy and our own dark imaginations which guide our perspectives.


Short biography

Nthabiseng Mokoena is a 26 year old trainee chartered accountant, living in Johannesburg, with a love for the arts. She believes that art has the power to reveal a little bit more about the complexities of human life. She is inspired by watching films, visiting galleries, and listening to music, and draws her energy from spending time with family and friends. This will be the very first time that she curates an exhibition, so please be nice.


Erin Bosenberg

Erin Bosenberg_profile_MOAD

Erin's Curatorial concept: In Contexts / Past Dreams & Imagined Futures

In all works I selected for this competition, the presence of the physical body is viscerally felt whether it is through its impact on a context or that contexts impact on it. Many works imagine a past, claiming and acknowledging the continual evolution of past narratives as relevant to present day narratives. Some create a future already claimed through the imagination.

My intention with the connection and presentation of these works is to implicate how constructions of place have a profound impact on human relations through the body. To indicate this effect is to recognize the responsibility we have to each other by acknowledging the power of narrative and also being able to consider alternative constructions of it.


Short biography

Following completion of a Masters at the University of Witwatersrand School of Arts, Erin Bosenberg is currently starting her new business Edition 1 – producing and selling one-of-a-kind hand painted furniture. Bosenberg is also a multi-disciplinary artist who grew up in Canada and completed her undergraduate degree at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. More recently in November 2014, she travelled to Parsons New School for Design in New York City to present work at a conference organized by global art initiative, Project Anywhere.


Stephni Jacobson


Stephni's Curatorial concept: One-night stand

The Curate Life exhibition calls for a concept that will accommodate a once-off connection between the Museum of African Design, The 12 Decades Hotel and an amateur curator. They will perform a single, casual act. A no-strings-attached ménage as trios of sort. In a similar way, art and design will meet in a once-off show, knowing that the encounter by no means implies a relationship between them. A one night stand. The joining of two elements through the physical act of love is a beautiful thing. MOAD brings art and design together on a daily platform. Similarly the 12 Decades Hotel accommodates daily art through curating rooms designated for the purpose of living and loving. The amateur curator would be sensible in curating a stand set aside for the human need or impulse, in an attempt to truly curate life. In the works of Jonathan Jones: “Art, like sex, is a human impulse.” The one night stand will consist of two structural parts; a transparent red perspex box (curated bedroom) and walkway of shame. The one night stand, serving as a storage space for selected pieces from the Life Collection of artworks, will comment on the taboos surrounding sexuality, risk and outings to the inner city with the aim of satisfying a deep urge for something more.


Short biography

Stephni Jacobson is a 26 year old female, living in Johannesburg. She is a candidate architect, reader, writer, watercolourist and minimalist. She draws inspiration from the Dutch Calvinist tradition, Murakami, Kapoor, people, space, old buildings, pop-cults and music. Her interests range from hyper-contextualism and fashion to trend forecasting. She believes art gives meaning to life when the medium of architecture inhibits freedom of conceptual and artistic expression. Furthermore she believe such a source of life should be protected.