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BESSENGUE PERFORMANCE_185 17 April - 28 June 2015

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MOAD is proud to present Stephen Hobbs/Marcus Neustetter’s new multi screen video installation based on their performance piece for the Across The Board – Public Space / Public Sphere– Tate Modern programme for the Sud Triennial, Douala, Cameroon, in December 2013.

Given the duos’s extensive practice of public art curation and implementation under their company, The Trinity Session, Hobbs and Neustetter have developed an archive of particular knowledge and experience in parallel to the commissioning process - though much of this information is not always present in the final outcomes they manage. As a result, these artists’ collaborative artistic practice as Hobbs/Neustetter serves to record and translate in other forms their engagement with place making, ultimately conveying the ephemeral nature of social enquiries and user experience.

The works presented in Temporary but Permanent: Projects through their exploration of xenophobia, forced migration and urban degeneration, stand as particular instances of these symbolic translations. Developed in countries as varied as Martinique, Norway and Mali, Hobbs/Neustetter employ photography, video, mapping and participatory processes in order to test notions of the record, relative to the event and the perception of social and urban transformation.

The act of being present, and following the construction of a permanent work of art within a public space, is for Stephen Hobbs and Marcus Neustetter a complex and political condition where one is literally exposed to myriad forces and opinions. A temporary action on the other hand – while no less complex or political, unfolds with a different sense of time in relation to development and production, and often displays more social dexterity regarding audience and site.

Below are images from the series Bessengue B'Etoukoa by the Trinity Session. Comme initialement conçu et commissarié par ‘Across the board: Public Space/ Public Sphere’ Sponsored by Guaranty Trust Bank Plc. Organised byTate Modern Modern in collaboration with doual'art.