Residencies at MOAD - Thabo Pitso / by pascale

Thabo Pitso is the winner of the Southern Guild Awards 2014 in the category Future Found. As part of this Award MOAD is sponsoring him for a residency from 4 July to 15 August 2015. Thabo uses sculpture and installation to visually document and present a study of how people interact and react to mass-produced objects (household products, clothes, cars, houses, etc).

We are calling on the public to contribute to Thabo’s art making and participate and deliver their household trash to MOAD.

PLEASE bring your household trash ie, cereal boxes, old clothing, metal scrap, basically anything that is purchased in department or grocery store that does not spoil. Also no material that could be hazardous to Thabo’s health like needles, razors etc. You can deliver your trash to MOAD till Friday, 31 July 2015. We would appreciate your contributions as soon as possible!

Visit MOAD to meet Thabo and view him working during the month of July & August.


More on Thabo Pitso

Thabo Pitso lives and works in Pretoria. He was born in 1982 in the small township of Itsoseng near Litchtenburg, North West Province. He discovered his love of art from an early age. In 2007, he decided to study Fine & Applied Art at Tshwane University of Technology. He obtained his B-Tech in 2010. His work is very personal and abstract and is mostly about social conditions in everyday life. Through metaphors, he tries to deconstruct the social and personal meaning of objects. He is also exploring the role of different forms of propaganda in society, how social conditioning affects the way we are living. He does this by juxtaposing images and objects that have functional and dysfunctional relations with each other. He has a Minimalist approach to art and feels that it’s not about one's nationality, culture or social group, but about one's individuality.

Thabo is particularly interested in using Sculpture as a materialistic, interactive social observation. With each work he explores and exposes the repetitive social actions of people on a day-to-day basis. He is also interested in the use of mass media tools (TV, radio, film, fashion, newspapers) and how they create visual images that are systematically designed to influence, alter, control social and personal habits of a person. He seeks to explore the effects of mass media on the average person and how this social conditioning dictates the way people establish sentimental relationships with mass-produced objects.

He is interested in using and producing sculpture to deconstruct the relationship between human beings and mass-produced objects. He will be exploring these concepts through a variety of mediums and assemblage such as installation, construction of sculpture using assembled found objects, photography and video. He explores personal and cultural products and produces work that shows both inner narratives and social practices of mass-produced media Propaganda which is used to construct new meanings and materialistic senses.

As the winner of the 2014 Future Found Award, the works that Thabo would like to produce during the MOAD Residency will be site specific and shall include and incorporate active participating viewers. Participation will be direct and indirect. Executed in conventional and non-conventional forms. For these reasons he believes that this environment enables him to work towards creating an analytical body of work and to share information and ideas with communities and fellow artists.