Nirox Residency Collection Exhibit / by admin

Opening at 6.00 PM on Wednesday, 20 August 2014 in MOAD's Satellite Space - 7 Sivewright Ave, Johannesburg The NIROX artist in residence program and the NIROXprojects exhibition program has generated collections of works donated by artists that eloquently narrate our short history.

The collections, together with works left in our custody by artists for various reasons, amount to a large body of work and so we find ourselves unintentionally and uncomfortably alongside the plight of global collectors with the greater part of the works stored without an audience.

When MOAD revealed its plans to provide storage and related facilities that encourage and accommodate selected rotational exhibition of the work, Nirox joined to evolve and illustrate some of the ideas.

What is exhibited in the launch of the prototype space is designed equally to inform visitors about the possibilities of the UNBOXED concept and to share with them a selection of works from the collections.

Open to the public upon appointment, contact