Day 3 – #UltracontempAfrica #EmergencyArt / by aaron kohn

Oh Gosh! The red ants are going to evict them! Please don't tell me what will happen - I feel so cool here! BY Thierry Geoffroy COLONEL Emergency: When we refuse to acknowledge what is happening around us because we don't want it to affect our life as we know it.

Legalize Drugs BY Tobias Lerhskov-Schmidt Emergency: If we were to legalize drugs the drug war would probably finish. It should be an option.

Taco - Take Away - Trump BY Nina Wengel

Refugees BY Victor Ash Emergency: We see the drama unfold before our eyes, and yet we do nothing to bring the gate down.

Olympic Water for Everyone BY Nadia Plesner Emergency: Only now that the Olympics are going to be held in an area of Brzail that does not have great water has it become a concern. What about the people who live there? Is it not their right too to have clean water?

Power + Love BY Brenda Ramadiehe