A Global Emergency BY Jodi Bieber Emergency: Global Emergency. Social platforms give us immediate access to news snippets, hence why the artist decided to display her artwork in a Instagram "platform" way. She high lights that news never stands independently, but rather that everything is linked in some way. 

Waking Up BY Laayla Randera Emergency: Drug abuse in our Youth. Drugs seem to be more available now than what they were, and if they aren't then people, especially the young ones, seem to be abusing them more and more. Each stitch that is on the pocket represents a person who the artists knows who has either had to go to rehab, or has died from drug abuse. 

I Benefited from Apartheid BY Andrew Whispa Emergency: Apartheid. In this artwork the artist explores who benefitted from the Apartheid regime, and questions whether it has been taken down for real, or if there are still people benefitting from it. After much debate, everyone concluded that this is a subject that has haunted us and our past and present for so long, that it is high time we stopped ignoring it, and we start figuring out how to really put the monster to sleep as this is the only next step that South Africa and its people can take in order to behead the monster and live in unity. 

Why No Outrage? BY Tobias Lehrskov-Schmidt Emergency: Teachers were killed in Mexico, and it has not been on social media or on headlines. Why is it that some attacks, or some human lives, mean more than others? Why does the media only high light certain incidents and not others?

Untitled BY Alishia Strydom Emergency: the irony on how all the different parties (with regards to the elections) use those flagpoles for marketing to claim/control South Africa, but eliminate the little pride and dignity South Africa has left by not having SA flags hanging from these poles. Last week the posters of the ANC were up and most probably next week the DA posters will be up. The anger evoked by this situation is that they can set up a timetable for marketing and get along with it, but they won't set up a timetable for the future of South Africa.

Think Inclusion, Build Social BY Frank Franzen Emergency: Gentrification. 

Think Inclusion, Build Social BY Frank Franzen Emergency: Gentrification. 

Dog Meat Festival in China BY Amalie Huiid Bartholdy Emergency: The dog meat festival which will be taking place in the last week of July in China has caused outrage because millions of dogs will be slaughtered to be eaten. Yet, every day we slaughter millions of pigs, but that doesn't cause the same outrage. Why? Under the face of a very cute puppy, there is a pigs face.

Why BY Daxx Tfwala Emergency: Colonizations, and the stigma attached to being a bushman for example, which leads to people rejecting their routes and wanting to lose their traditions more and more often.