Political Riots, who listens to who? BY Frank Franzen Emergency: One sometimes gets the feeling that there are too many chiefs and only one tribe. This image shows a lot of movement... people pointing their hands or weapons, one shouting, confusion in the background. Everyone has an opinion and an idea, but no one listens to anyone else, thus creating more and more confusion.

100% Fear Of Losing My PIece BY Nina Wengel Emergency: The refugee crisis that is happening is no joke. Thousands of people are risking their lives to try and find a better life for themselves and their families, and the people on the other side feel more and more invaded. There is a fear to "cut too many pieces out of one cake". But the real question is: Are we doing enough? Do we care? How can we help these people more?

The State of Pan-Africanism In South Africa BY Michelle Eistrop Emergency: Racism, use of certain words which mean something to some, but nothing to others...

Is North Korea A Threat? BY Amalie Huiid Bartholdy Emergency: Is North Korea really as bad as the media makes it sound and seem, or has the media just blown it completely out of proportion?

Missile Tests by North Korea - An Emergency BY Karen Land Hansen Emergency: North Korea insists on launching missiles as experiments, which is only adding to the tension

My Time For Emergency Art Is Now BY Thierry Geoffroy COLONEL Emergency: the concept of time is so silly and yet so necessary. As people, and artists we need to act NOW, towards what we believe is an emergency. Just like the government can get things done in a matter of days, we need to also counterattack in a matter of days, otherwise time is gone.