Hitten Violence in China BY Tobias Lehrskov-Schmidt

If We Had A Choice We Wouldn't Be In BY Amalie Huiid Bartholdy

Waist BY Lungisa

White Star Bomb by Io Makandal

Zebra House BY Niels Bonde

Zebra House BY Niels Bonde

Walking The Talk to Freedom BY Mongezi Mlombo

Mayor BY Andrew Kayser 2

Mayor BY Andrew Kayser 1

Murder Attemp At Trump by Karen Land Hansen 

Cluedo South Africa BY Lisa Younger Emergency: In SA we are basically playing a game of Cluedo, where everyone is a victim, and everyone is losing. Things need to change.

Can We See Clearly? BY Michelle Elstrup 

More Books, Less Violence BY Frank Franzen Emergency: Education is needed, not more guns.