An architectural city guide by Shaun Gaylard / by pascale

Shaun Gaylard's exhibition an architectural city guide consists of four city guides of limited-edition architectural drawings. Three guides consist of 24 prints, and one guide has a total of 26 images. The first three city guides focus on Johannesburg, Cape Town and London, all organized chronologically in order to achieve an effective and sequential visual story of each city’s architectural development. The fourth city guide with 26 prints, focuses on cities around the world that have had significant global architecture. Each building reflects the style and zeitgeist of the period of construction, and they are displayed in alphabetical order by architect’s name. Shaun Gaylard spent extensive time on researching and selecting 98 buildings in total, that portray diverse architectural styles from different decades.

Shaun Gaylard will be exhibiting at MOAD from 7th of August - 20th September 2015.

Shaun Gaylard's short Biography

Blank Ink Design is a Johannesburg based studio founded by architect Shaun Gaylard. Architect by day, product designer by night, Shaun started toying with the idea of product design towards the end of 2013. Blank Ink Design was subsequently launched in the early half of 2014.

Blank Ink Design, specialises in capturing the architectural fabric of cities around the world through hand-drawn architectural city guides, ceramics and merchandise. “Anyone who’s ever travelled to, lived in or dreamed of visiting one of Blank Ink’s ‘sketched’ cities will instantly have a connection with their products”

Shaun’s carefully executed craftsmanship has been noticed and successively published in House & Leisure, Real Estate, the Sunday Times Lifestyle, Condenast House & Garden and In Your Pocket City Guide.

The Blank Ink brand symbolises a deep respect for bespoke design, impeccable quality, sophistication and tasteful simplicity